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Masks 797-800

I have some new masks for you today.



You can grab them here.


Masks 793 – 796

I have some new masks for you today using some medallion type brushes mixed with some grunge ones. These were created using a lesser-known program called Krita.



You can grab them here.

Masks 789 – 792

Ok it has been a very very tiring 4 days!

I think my PSP has given me the last fit. It will no longer let me use brushes. PS 7 is a pita. So I thought I’d try a new program. Nope nope nope lol. It will only read fonts that are in the system folders! Ugh!

So back to my trust PS 7. You guys are lucky I have at least something that will work haha.

Ok onto the masks!


You can find them here.

Masks 785-788

I have some new masks, with a touch of some fall leaves, all ready for snagging!



You can grab them here.

Masks 781-784

I’m feeling a little grungy today….makes my heart happy lol.

I hope you like these!


You can grab them here.

Masks 777 – 780

Ready for some new masks?

These feature watercolor flowers & plants.



You can grab them here.

Masks 773-776

A little change in how I am advertising & sharing my masks – with Facebook cracking down on advertising, I will now be posting my freebies & tutorials in Pinterest & Google+.

My Pinterest

My Google+

Ok now onto the masks…


You can grab them here.