Good News & A New Kit!

Last night I received a wonderful gift from a wonderful friend! She sent me the money to get what I needed to get my external back up & running! How awesome is that?

So I got what I needed today…and finished the kit I was working on!


This winter-themed kit includes:

40 elements

10 papers

Tagger size

Personal use only

*Not all shown*


You can purchase this kit at the stores below:

Designer Scraps

Mystical Scraps

Treasured Scraps

Element Pack 6

Have you ever been so maxed for cash…and then have something else go wrong??? That’s me this month. Grrr.

My usb cord to my external died and I’m already spending money I don’t have on Monday…so maybe I’ll get it after Christmas with my gift card from my dad. Such luck! *sarcasm*

What does that mean? All my tubes, kits, digiscrap supplies, etc. are all on my external!!!!! So I won’t be creating any kits until I can get the usb, which really sucks because I’ve been working on a winter kit! I won’t be able to get it out!

I have finished a small CU pack….going in stores now…


Pack includes:

Full Size

10 assorted elements

Commercial Use


You can purchase this pack at any of the stores below

Designer Scraps

Mystical Scraps

Treasured Scraps