Big News!

I have some really awesome news! I have been accepted as a designer at Two Peas In A Pod Scrap Store!

I will still be doing freebies & tutorials, but now you can also find other things in the store!

During my 1st month, I am having a 25% sale on all my products!

You can find the link to the store in my sidebar >>>>>>>


As much as I have loved designing, it has come time for me to hang up my hat.

I have been having a very hard time designing the past few months…just keeping the mojo flowing, keeping the desire, & enough time & funds to do it all.

I will be keeping my products in stores until the end of May.

Regarding my CT work…I will still be doing those & my freebie masks…so you can continue to look forward to those.

Sad News

I really hate sad news…and this is no exception!

As you may have heard (or may not have), Farrah’s Designer Scraps is retiring & the 31st wil be her last day.

What does that mean for me?

Well simply put, she was the owner of Designer Scraps. I very much trusted her…and since a new owner has taken over, I am not in the spot where I trust the new owner. I guess because you hear things, see things, or do not know the person well enough for there to be trust.

I will be making this month my last @ Designer Scraps.

Following this month, I will be moving into a new home so may not be available for about a week or so. Who knows.

I will still be selling at Mystical Scraps & Treasured Scraps.

Facebook Issues

Earlier today I was able to use Facebook easily…no issues.

Right now, though, the only thing that loads is the status update & nothing else. No posts, no sidebars, no chat, nothing. At first it was giving me a message when I clicked the home button that said ‘Sorry…we are unable to process your request’…now the screen is giving me just the status update box. Not a fan!

I’m generally pretty active on Facebook due to my advertising groups, my CT groups, etc. It doesn’t look like there’s gonna be too much online time today.

It would be best to just email me if you need me:

Important Notice

It has come to my attention from my fans that Box is not working.

For whatever reason, my account seems frozen to anyone trying to download anything.

I am currently in the process of transferring my masks to a different file host, so please be patient.

My most recent mask set link has been fixed, so please be patient while I transfer the others and do an edit of my posts.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you need help with anything, you can either message me on FB here.

New Store

I have some totally awesome news!

I will be joining a few extra stores!

I am currently adding my products to Designer Scraps. Just be patient as a I load my products into the store. I hope to be in additional stores very soon!

On the right side panel, you may view my stores. My blinkies are linked to the stores.