Gothic Lolita


This tutorial was written by me on May 4th, 2017 and is my own creation. Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental and unintentional.

Graphics program: GIMP 2.8 (you may use any program of your choice)

This tutorial assumes you have a good working knowledge of your preferred graphics program.


PTU kit from PinkParadoxProductions called Gothic Lolita. You can purchase this kit here.


Font of choice. I am using Harrington.


File > New. Set the image size to 600 x 250 px.

File > Open > Paper 5. Image > Scale Image to 600 x 600. Edit > Copy. On the blank image, Edit > Paste As > New layer.

Next we will ad our elements. To do this, paste your element as a new layer onto the canvas with your paper as we did with the paper. Then select the Scale Tool to resize your elements:

97 – Place to the top left corner. Use your Rotate Tool and rotate a little to the left.
21 – Place over the right side of your canvas.
151 – Place over the right side of your canvas.
193 – Place to the bottom. Rotate a bit to the left. Duplicate twice & arrange them along the bottom of your canvas. Merge these layers together. Duplicate the merged layer. Layer > Transform > Flip Horizontally. Place over the empty spots from the original merged leaves layer.
61 – Place to the left edge of your canvas, moving a little towards the bottom.
215 – Place to the bottom.
213 – For this one, you want to scale it down so it’s about 3/4th the length of the canvas. Rotate a little to the left so that it is horizontal. Place to the bottom, a little to the right. Duplicate & place to the left.
180 – Place to the bottom. Duplicate twice & arrange similar to how I have mine arranged.
1 – Place between the second & third flower.
229 – Place to your liking.
228 – Place to your liking.

Layer > New Layer. Floodfill with ae0101. Select > All. Select > Shrink > 2. Select > Invert & press delete. Select > None. Select > All. Select > Shrink > 4 & press delete.

Filter > Noise > HSV Noise > 2, 107, 155, 255.

Activate your text tool and add your name & copyright.

If desired, apply a drop shadow of choice. Filters > Light and Shadow > Drop Shadow > 2, 2 , 5, Black, 30.

Hide the paper layer for now. Merge visible. Unhide your paper. Select > All > Float. Select > Invert & on your merged layer, press delete. Deselect.

File > Export & name your image.

For your avatar, you will need to undo the drop shadow, text, & frame layer. Edit > Copy Visible. Open a new image, 200 x 200. Edit > Paste as a new layer and place to your liking. Repeat the drop shadow, text, & frame as you did before. Then Export as a PNG.

Thanks for checking out my tutorials.