Timeline Masks

Are you ready for some timeline masks? Yeah…I thought so!


You can grab them here.


Frosted Flakes


This tutorial was written by me on December 27th, 2017 and is my own creation. Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental and unintentional.

PSP Version used: PSP 2018

This tutorial assumes you have a good working knowledge of PSP.


Tube of choice. I am using the art of VeryMany. You can purchase this tube here.

PTU kit from Scrappin’ With Lil Ole Me called Frosted Flakes. You can purchase the kit here.


Mask 435 by VixPSP. You can find it here.

My template, which can be found here.

Font of choice. I am using Aqualita Italic.


Open the template & mask. Minimize the mask for now.

Open p5 & resize by 60%. Paste as a new layer above the bottom layer of the template. Apply your mask, merge group. With your pick tool, pull the edges of the mask to to edges of your canvas. Make sure you are not skewing the mask. Then duplicate your mask, merge down.

On Raster 2, select all, float, defloat. Open p4. Resize by 60%. Paste as a new layer just above the Raster 2 layer. Selections, invert & press delete. Deselect & delete the Raster 2 layer.

On Raster 3, repeat the above but replace the layer with p3.

Now let’s add our elements:

el30 – resize by 85%. Paste as a new layer above the mask layer. Center behind the dotted paper layer.

el33 – resize by 50%; flip horizontal. Paste as a new layer above the frame layer. Place to the left side so that it peeks out behind the left side of the snowflake paper layer.

el70 – resize by 55%. Paste as a new layer above the snowflake paper layer. Place to your liking.

el46 – resize by 60%. Paste as a new layer. Place to the top right of the dotted paper layer. Duplicate & place to the bottom.

el38 – resize by 25%. Paste as a new layer above the original gold pine branch & place over the far left of the top pine branch.

el35 – resize by 30%. Place to the bottom of the snowflake paper layer.

el7 – resize by 20%; flip horizontal. Place to the bottom right.

el12 – resize by 30%. Paste as a new layer above the duplicate pine branch. Place to the bottom, centered over the bottom pine branch.

el36 – resize by 50%. Place to the bottom left of the snowman.

el8 – resize by 25%. Place to the bottom right of the lantern.

Open your tube. Paste as a new layer above the baubles & leaves layer. Flip horizontal & resize as necessary. Duplicate your tube, gaussian blur 3.00. Set the blend mode to Screen, 70.

Add your name, copyright, & license info. Apply a drop shadow of choice to your layers, then merge visible. Save as a png.

Thanks for checking out my tutorials.